Standing on the shoulders of our ancestors

The Black Metaverse

For centuries physical spaces have acted as a beacon for cultures and communities. For the Black community, we have always counted on these havens to truly lean into ourselves and our community.

Today - in the digital era, it's simply a reality that we live our lives more online than offline. But let’s be real… those safe havens we have in person are not replicated in today’s digital landscape, leaving the black community underserved and without a place to make our own.

7th Ave boldly sets out to build the Black Metaverse, a place where digital and physical Black sensibilities converge to drive social, economic and political substantiality.

Black-ness is broad yet specific, global yet local, and is steadily evolving over time and space at an exponential rate.

A Movement

“Gifts to our people'' is our NFT collection rooted in the collective experiences of the Black community, shaping where we are headed. The talents, blessings, and privileges we enjoy today have been gifted to us from our ancestors. Without their sacrifices and the diligent work of those who still to this day labor in obscurity, we would not have the freedom to do this.

It is now our duty to pass on generational gifts for those who come behind us.

GTOP is a generative art collection designed by Black NFT artist Lafe Taylor that causes you to contemplate and celebrate the beautiful history of the people of the Black diaspora.

Symbolically, we will create 7,777 unique provably scarce pieces of art. 7 is an important number to use as it has a deep meaning that ties into the core ethos of who we are as a company and our mission. The number 7 is a prime number only able to be divided by itself and is also a symbol of completion. We believe that as a community we can only be divided by ourselves, we stand stronger together.

Here’s our gift to our people.

Join the Community

Be a part of the movement

When you buy a panther, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a provably-rare piece of art. You are gaining membership access to a community whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your panther can serve as your digital identity, and open digital doors for you.


Full ownership and commercial license of NFT


Networking, education, culture, and community


Build with us and shape what the Ave becomes. Get early access to 7th Ave product roadmap and give feedback on what's to come.


Special NFT owner badge on profile in 7th Ave


NFT owner can vote on charitable donation direction for NFT revenue


Intellectual property collaboration and support across content, gaming, music, etc.


Gives you the skills, network, and opportunities to make an impact in web3.


Exclusive discounts and giveaways of 7th Ave merchandise.



Brylan Donaldson

Co-founder and CEO at "7th Ave"

Arthur Bernier

Technical Co-Founder and Web3 Strategist at "7th Ave"

Khoury Smith

Lead Web Engineer at "7th Ave"

Lafe Taylor

Creative Artist behind Gifts To Our People

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Gifts to Our People (GTOP) NFT?

    GTOP NFTs are collectible Ethereum tokens that grant access within the GTOP community.

  • How do I get a GTOP NFT?

    There are four ways to get a GTOP NFT.
    1 Be one of our GTOP Keepers of the Culture that receives the initial airdrop
    2 Be gifted a GTOP NFT by a GTOP Keeper of the Culture
    3 Buy one with Ethereum during mint
    4 Buy one with Ethereum on OpenSea

  • What can I do with my GTOP NFT?

    Full ownership and commercial license of NFT
    Intellectual property collaboration and support across content, gaming, music, etc.
    Attend live events around networking, education, culture, and community
    Get early access to features, and can give feedback to product roadmap
    Badge on profile in 7th Ave
    Vote on charitable donation direction for NFT revenue
    Exclusive discounts and giveaways merchandise

  • How do I access the community?

    All GTOP NFTs grant access to the community on the 7th Ave app.

  • How much does a GTOP NFT cost?

    The public sale floor starts at 0.07 ETH during mint. After that, the market decides.‍

  • Who created the project?

    Arthur Bernier, Khoury Smith, Lafe Taylor, Brylan Donaldson

  • How do I contact the GTOP team?

    Email us at